Daisy Duck
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Duck
Friends Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Goofy Goof
Family Donald Duck (boyfriend)
Occupation Various
Residence Various
Production Information
First Appearance No Service
Voiced by Tress MacNeille

Daisy Duck is the secondary tritagonist in the Disney Channel animated series Mickey Mouse. She was designed by animator Paul Rudish and is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Physical appearnaceEdit

Slender duck, beautiful, white feathers, both purple dress and bow on her head, purple pumps.


Daisy is silly, ditzy, laid back, talkative, active, feisty, opinionated, independent, emotional, kind, caring, thoughtful, oblivious, glamorous, sometimes playful.


"They have to be around here somewhere."
— Daisy[source]

"Oh, my goose down! You're naked in public! What is wrong with you? I'm too embarrassed to even be seen with you."
— Daisy[source]


  • Daisy has the second least episode appearances of the main cast, the first being Pluto, who only appeared in four episodes.

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