Donald Duck
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Duck
Friends Daisy Duck

Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Goofy Goof

Family Daisy Duck (girlfriend)
Scrooge McDuck (uncle)
Ludwig Von Drake (uncle)
Occupation Various
Residence Various
Production Information
First Appearance No Service
Voiced by Tony Anselmo

Donald Duck is the tritagonist in the Disney Channel animated comedy series Mickey Mouse. He was designed by animator Paul Rudish and is voiced by Tony Anselmo.

Physical appearanceEdit

Donald is drawn to resemble his original appearance. He wears his ordinary clothing including a blue shirt, a red tie, and a blue sailor hat.


Donald Duck can be quick-tempered when things don’t go the way he wants, but he has a heart of gold and is very devoted to his friends.


  • In the season 2 episode Down the Hatch, he sings like a rockstar instead of producing his characteristic 'quacking' voice. This also happened in season 3's Split Decision, only he had a non-angered voice.


"And it's all thanks to you, Mick!"
— Donald[source]

"Me and my big beak."
— Donald[source]

"Hey! Watch the nachos!"
— Donald[source]

"Hey, what's the big idea?"
— Donald[source]

"Hey! Who needs a hug?"
— Non-angered Donald[source]

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