José Carioca
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Bird
Friends Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Occupation Commentator of the World Cup games (O Futebol Clássico)
Production Information
First Appearance O Futebol Clássico
Voiced by Mark La Roya

José Carioca also known as Zé Carioca, is a Brazilian parrot from Rio de Janeiro who is a friend of Donald Duck. He originally appeared alongside Donald in the Disney 1943 hybrid film Saludos Amigos (during the segment Aquarela do Brasil), the 1945 hybrid film The Three Caballeros, and the 1948 hybrid film Melody Time. Jose made his debut in Mickey Mouse in the season 2 episode "O Futebol Clássico" as the commentator of the World Cup games.

Episode appearances

Season 2Edit


  • Jose's eyes are red the eye color varies in Disney franchise. In comics and occasionally merchandise, his eyes are brown/green. In other comics, his eyes are blue (specially in "Ze Carioca" comics) and even orange.