Minnie Mouse
Minnie smiling.
Personal Information
Aliases Minn
Gender Female
Species Mouse
Friends Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Goofy Goof

Family Mickey Mouse (boyfriend)
Occupation Various
Residence Various
Interests Spending time with Mickey


Production Information
First Appearance No Service
Voiced by Russi Taylor

Minnie Mouse is the deuteragonist in the Disney Channel animated comedy series Mickey Mouse. She was designed by animator Paul Rudish and is voiced by Russi Taylor. Minnie is sweet, stylish, very beautiful and enjoys dancing and singing. She especially loves to spend time with her lifelong sweetheart, Mickey.

Physical appearanceEdit

Minnie wears a red hat with a yellow flower. She has black fur, white skin, and round ears. She wears frilly white bloomers, a red and white polka-dotted skirt and yellow heels. Depending on the situation of the episode, Minnie will wear various outfits.


Minnie Mouse is shown to be sweet, loving, innocent, honest, charitable, fun-loving, benevolent, sensitive, sometimes carefree, thoughtful, independent, free-spirited, feminine, brave, friendly, flirtatious, outgoing, tidy, cute, eco-aware, poised, näive at times, feisty, motherly, affectionate and very beautiful.


Mickey MouseEdit

Micky did his account and no service for Mickey was get your shoes gloves and shorts then he takes off his shoes shorts and gloves. Mickey wears his hat and yollerberg for Mickey is the snow came to himself. Mickey gets consinents and cossinants de tenphonie for Mickey is get cossinats back to Minnie's cafe

Donald DuckEdit

Daisy DuckEdit

Goofy GoofEdit


"This is the loveliest walk we've taken that I can remember. Isn't it Mickey?"
— Minnie[source]

"Oh, Mickey. You're the greatest!"
— Minnie thanking Mickey for receiving her hot dog.[source]

"Mickey, where are you? The show starts in fifteen minutes! Did you fall asleep?"
— Minnie calling Mickey about their date.[source]


  • Minnie's first main role in an episode was "Eau de Minnie". Also, the title card says "Minnie Mouse" instead of the usual "Mickey Mouse".

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