Peg-Leg Pete
Personal Information
Aliases Pete
Gender Male
Species Cat
Production Information
First Appearance Tapped Out
Voiced by Jim Cummings

"Now which one of youse want to come up here and take on the champ?"
— Pete[source]

Peg-Leg Pete is the main antagonist in the Disney Channel animated comedy series Mickey Mouse.

Physical appearanceEdit

Pete is an obese black cat with a cream shaven muzzle, and wears a light brown fur coat, a dark brown bowler hat, white opera gloves, a dark brown shoe on his left leg, and a peg-leg. From Season 4 onward, Pete doesn’t wear a light brown fur coat, instead he wears blue overalls with one suspender and a dark blue patch on his left leg, though he still retains his bowler hat, shoe, and peg leg.


Greedy, selfish, overconfident, cocky, ignorant, demanding, fascist, hypocritical, conservative, shameless, sinful, sneaky, impatient, dishonest, completely unfair, power-hungry, gluttnous, unreliable, rude, aggressive, ruthless, merciless, brutal, sleazy, evil, cruel.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  1. Tapped Out
  2. Doggone Biscuits (cameo as a dogcatcher)
  3. Al Rojo Vivo
  4. A Flower for Minnie (major role as a policeman)
  5. Wish Upon a Coin
  6. No
  7. Dancevidaniya
  8. Sock Burglar
  9. Swimmin' Hole
  10. Touchdown and Out
  11. Three-Legged Race
  12. The Birthday Song (cameo)
  13. The Perfect Dream
  14. Carnaval (cameo)
  15. New Shoes
  16. Springtime
  17. A Pete Scorned
  18. House Painters
  19. Surprise!
  20. Hats Enough


  • He appeared for first time in the series in Tapped Out and made a cameo in Where's My Mickey?.
  • He makes a cameo in Doggone Biscuits as the dogcatcher, however, his muzzle is more gray and doesn't have his peg-leg for an unknown reason.
  • He also appears in Al Rojo Vivo marking his second appearance with a major role and third appearance overall.
  • Despite being officially a cat, Pete is sometimes mistaken for a dog (specially a bulldog) due to his size and obesity.
  • This mistake might be reasonable, because of Pete's original voice actor, Billy Bletcher, who also voiced the Tom and Jerry character, Spyke, who is a bulldog and an antagonist to Tom.
  • Pete is the oldest recurring Disney character.
  • Despite having a few appearances, Pete is constantly believed to be the series' main villain since he's Mickey Mouse's arch-enemy and has known him for a long time.
  • Pete’s physical appearance from Season 1 to Season 3 resembles how he looks in the 1935 cartoon, "Mickey’s Service Station". From Season 4 onward, he resembles how he looks from the "Epic Mickey" video game series.